Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear – Pacific Blue

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme
Wear – Pacific Blue

This is a very beautiful corn flower blue nail polish. I was actually looking for Essie Butler Please when I chanced upon this nail polish. I still haven’t been able to get my hands on Butler Please but I’m glad I found Pacific Blue. It seems pretty close to Butler Please and is cheaper.

The application is hassle free – no unevenness. It has a crème finish. Everyone who saw me trying this color loved it – so its not just me raving about the color. It takes two coats to get the color as it appears in the bottle.

The sad part of the story is that it chips within no time. What a shame because the color is stunning, the application is smooth….wish it would have lasted longer. In my case it chipped on the second day itself. I think sealing it with a top coat would have helped.

Sally Hansen has decided to change the formula of this very popular nail polish. The new formula has shimmer in it and is a deeper shade of cobalt blue. I would still prefer the old formula sans shimmer. I don’t understand this obsession about adding shimmer to everything – it would help if brands would launch a new shade instead of modifying the formula of an existing shade that people love. Fans of this polish from all over the world have expressed their disappointment at this change ( see hashtag #savepacificblue on Twitter). Here is Sally Hansen’s official response to the change ( source – Sally Hansen Instagram page)

Sally Hansen's Response To Change In Pacific Blue
Sally Hansen’s Response To Change In Pacific Blue

The old formula is still available but may vanish soon. It is annoying that they decided to keep the same name so it is tough to find out whether what’s being sold online is the old formula or new. So I think it is best to buy the old formula from the stores where you can actually see the nail polish. I bought mine from a Parcos outlet on an airport. Many malls have Parcos outlets, so you could check there. Ofcourse, there’s ebay


  • Beautiful vibrant blue nail polish. I get compliments whenever I wear it.
  • Cheaper than Essie Butler Please.
  • The application is streak free and easy.


  • Chips in no time. Best to seal it with a top coat.
  • Sally Hansen has discontinued the old formula – the new formula has shimmer in it and is a deeper cobalt blue.

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