(1) All products reviewed on Colornglitter.com are personal acquisitions of the author (bought by the author or gifts from her family) unless stated otherwise. If a sample is provided to us for review, the same will be explicitly mentioned in the beginning of the post.
(2) The content on the blog is purely the author’s opinion based on her use of the products. The reviews are meant for general information purpose only. The author is not a trained, licensed or certified professional in the field of cosmetics.
(3) Colornglitter.com reserves the right to change the content without any notification. We strive to keep the blog up to date however we do not guarantee that the information (especially prices of products which may keep changing) will always be accurate.
(4) All content (text as well as images) is protected by copyright. Unauthorized reproduction or duplicating material in any form is prohibited. You can link articles from Colornglitter.com, provided you explicitly mention the name of our blog and your intent of referencing the blog is to use the content for a constructive and respectful discussion.
(5) We will endeavor to be 100% compliant to legal requirements for bloggers however, though we will try to update the content regularly, it may not reflect the most recent legal developments in the field of blogging.
(6) There may be intervals of downtime where Colornglitter.com may be inaccessible due to factors outside the control of the author (for example downtime due to unexpected failure of the host servers, scheduled maintenance or outages)
(7) At this point of time, none of the links to any seller websites are affiliate links. We will explicitly mention if we begin putting affiliate links.

(1) Colornglitter.com does not do any paid product reviews. We will accept samples for review from brands however that does not mean that the product review will necessarily get published or that the product will receive a positive review. If the review gets published, prior to publishing the content will not be reviewed by representatives from the brand. Samples from brands which require review content of samples to be preapproved by their representatives will not be accepted. Content of the review will solely be based on the author’s experience of the product. Also that turn-around-time of the review depends on the author’s bandwidth.
(2) Readers are welcome to participate in constructive and meaningful discussions with the author and other readers via the comments section. In an attempt to maintain the essence, purpose and integrity of the blog, all reader comments are moderated by the author and hence will be published only after the author has approved the same. Any comments that are derogatory or disrespectful to other commenters or the author will not be published. Likewise any comments that are not relevant to the topic of discussion or aim at spamming will not be published. Please do not use the comments section for advertising products or promoting other blogs.
(3) The author will moderate and publish comments periodically throughout the day and will strive to maintain quick turnaround times, however it may sometimes take her longer to publish the comments.
(4) If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will need to collect your email address. Your email address will not be provided to any other parties for marketing.
(5) Our reviews are based solely on the author’s personal experience with the product. The content is not influenced by any PR representatives from brands or any advertisers.

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