Homemade Sugar Mask for Gentle Exfoliation
Homemade Sugar Mask for Gentle Exfoliation

Have you been holding yourself from indulging in desserts due to the apprehension of packing on the pounds? While the fear of gaining weight haunts you, your skin need not resist the sweet temptation.

Sugar has multiple benefits when it comes to skin care. It is a natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that removes dry and dead skin cells and the best part is that it exfoliates without drying the skin. It also removes blemishes. Sugar is also a natural humectant and it therefore attracts moisture and helps hydrate the skin.

Quite some time back, I had read about a very simple and quick do-it-yourself exfoliating treatment that I tried recently. I mixed 2 teaspoons of sugar in 3 teaspoons of water in a cup, microwaved it for 10 seconds – just enough for the solution to warm up so that the sugar crystals melt in the water. This solution doesn’t get sticky, it acquires a smooth and runny consistency. I applied this solution on my face and left it on for 5 minutes followed by a very gentle massage. Finally, I washed off the mask with cold water. My skin felt smooth, fresh and hydrated with no remaining dry flakes. I liked what this mask did for my face so I tried it on my hands too!

I intend to repeat the procedure at least twice a week going forward.

Please note, sugar crystals if used in their neat form can cause micro tears in the skin and therefore it is important to first melt them in warm water.
Have you tried the sugar mask yet? Did you like it?

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