Make your makeup work!
Make your makeup work!

Here are some of the most interesting and useful makeup tips I’ve come across:

  • I would have never thought of a technique like this….I first read about this in an article on Sharon Stone’s beauty secrets. Sharon sometimes goes into a hot bathtub with her makeup on because she feels the steam helps the makeup sink into the skin making it look radiant. For me, this was unique and unusual so it just stuck in my head. Many months later I read a tip along the same lines while browsing a book. The book mentioned that if you apply your foundation before you have a warm bath, the steam sets the foundation and creates a dewy look. I’ve tried this only once so far and I liked the effect – I missed taking a picture of how the finished makeup looked. Maybe next time..
  • Now a tip that uses the similar logic as the tip above to solve a practical issue during hot and damp days – If you notice that your foundation vanishes into the skin on hot and humid days, apply it to cool skin. Hold a washcloth soaked it cool water onto your skin for a minute or so before you apply foundation.
  • To freshen your foundation when you are on the go, carry a spray of mineral water in your handbag.
  • To prevent your lipstick from bleeding, in addition to using a lip liner, you can also lightly powder the area around your lips before you begin applying lipstick.
  • To make your blush last longer, apply a cream blush, set it with loose translucent powder and then apply powder blush. I sometimes like applying a cream or gel blush before the foundation because I feel these are more pigmented and hence look very strong when applied over foundation. Moreover these blushes stick to the foundation and are tougher to blend unless they are applied on bare skin.

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