Loving Chocolaty Pair
Loving Chocolaty Pair

Valentine’s Day is round the corner! Romantic hearts and minds are busy preparing for this special day of love. This year, ColorNGlitter would love to enliven your Valentine’s day with some Chocolaty aroma! Here’s how – we’re hosting a contest sponsored by one of India’s most popular beauty brands – Plum! Plum has been getting a lot of love from skin care and beauty product connoisseurs because of its natural and paraben free offerings. Coming back to the contest – The winner gets a combo pack of the bestselling Plum Choco-Latte Creamy Body Wash and the Choco-Latte Luxuriant Body Lotion. This combo pack is called the “Loving Chocolaty Pair”. Isn’t that a perfect goodie for Valentine’s day? To participate in this contest you need to like the Plum Facebook Page and leave a comment below answering the following question –

What makes Chocolates the best Valentine’s Day Gift for you?

The most uniquely romantic response wins the contest!

Here are the rules and disclaimers associated with the contest:

  • The contest is open to residents of India only.
  • Participants should be at least 18 years old.
  • The contest opens today, 6th February and closes on 8th February, 11:00PM IST (we are closing the contest ahead of Valentine’s Day so that Plum can try and ship the products such that they reach the winner before 14th February).
  • The winner will be announced via the ColorNGlitter Blog and the Official ColorNGlitter Facebook page by 9th February 10:00AM IST. The winner will need to respond via email within 24 hours (by 10:00AM IST, 10th February).
  • Your responses need to be posted via the comment’s section below. While posting the comment, please ensure you enter a valid email address you wish to be contacted at, in case you win the contest.
  • The products will be sent to the winner directly by Plum.
  • In an attempt to maintain the essence and purpose of the contest, all participant comments are moderated therefore your comments may not be visible immediately after you post them. Any comments that are derogatory or disrespectful to other participants, the Sponsor (Plum) or ColorNGlitter will not be published. Likewise any comments that are not relevant to the topic of discussion or aim at spamming will not be published. Please do not use the comments section for advertising products or promoting other blogs.

Best Of Luck!


Update 09/2015 – Dear All, Many Thanks to all the participants! All the responses were wonderful and it wasn’t easy to select the best. Here are the responses that stole our heart..

Winner of the contest – Shalu

Runners Up – Mohua & Sajita




29 Comments on Win Yourself “The Loving Chocolaty Pair From Plum” And Make This Valentine’s Day Special!

  1. Chocolates make the best Valentines Day gift because just like chocolates, they make you feel special, sweet, gooey, romantic, aphrodisiacal and full or warmth..

  2. Chocolates have the depth,warmth and the ethereal aura about it that makes you melt away .A little bit of warmth and its sinuously mushy, a little cooler it’s crisp and crunchy..Is that not what love is like too .. a little heady a bit mushy and whats better to not just be able to eat it,but feel it, smell it and have it all around too.That’s like being on chocolate 9.So bring it on I am ready for death by chocolate….

    • Thanks for that wonderful response Sajitha! Reading this write up has really gotten me into the romantic Valentine mood 🙂 Now I want a good dose of chocolate myself 😉

  3. chocolates are perfect, make your loved ones feel perfect this specail day by gifting them a box of chocolate and see them melt 😉

    If you do not trust me, chocloate khao aur khud jaanjao 🙂

  4. Chocolates are the best valentines gift as they can effect a person’s emotions. Chocolate makes you happy and can also improve sorrow filled situation. So have chocolates everyday and feel special & be happy!!!

  5. Chocloates make the bumpy ride of life smooth by shooing away the moode swings and blues.. just the way love make us see the life with rose tinted glasses!!They satisfy the soul and are desired by all ..every age group! Just the way love is!
    So what better way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day ? Gifting chocolates is the most awesome way of expressing your love!!

  6. Chocolate is special just like relationships! The core ingredient in making chocolate – Cocoa is as rare as the core ingredient which makes relationships Love! So no matter whether its dark chocolate or white, whether it’s edible or skin soothing, whether it comes in a box or in a bottle, whether it’s filled with caramel inside or a nut- Chocolate in any form, shape and flavor just takes your heart and mind away just like how love does!
    All you need to feel special is Love or wait Chocolate.…oh never mind I want both!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Chocolates are the most awesome gifts cause they r chocolate. Duh!!!. All the attributes of chocolate resonate with ur beloved, they r sweet, blissful, gives u immense joy & u can have them all day forever…. ;-).

  8. Choclate is the ideal gift for Valentines day cause it is a symbol of youth, love and universality. Recieving a cholclate would make me feel young,desired and special.

  9. Valentine day is a day when in the world people express their feeling of love for someone, and this day is celebrated on large scale where gift plays an important role.

    When you are in love you feel an extra happiness and brightness. And if you gift a chocolate to your loved one this happiness and cosiness increased the level of love. Chocolate has a power to dissolve your hardness and harshness into love. With its melting quality you yourself melt your heart for someone.
    Even scientifically chocolate protects the cardio-vascular diseases, so its obvious to gift chocolate to protect that heart which has taken your heart.

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