Best Fragrance for fall and winter

Makeup For Autumn And Winter 2014!

Makeup For Autumn And Winter 2014!

I haven’t been very organized with my makeup so far – but that’s going to change starting fact right now! I am keeping aside some of my favorite Autumn and Winter makeup so that I use the right colors for the season and don’t end up picking up whatever is easily available in my […] Read more…

Dolcelisir Acqua di Profumo EDP by L'Erbolario Lodi

Dolcelisir Acqua di Profumo (Eau de Parfum) by L’Erbolario Lodi

Dolcelisir is a sweet and spicy liquor like gourmand fragrance. I love this fragrance for autumn/fall, winters and rainy days. Top notes comprise of rum, caramel, bergamont and orange. Middle notes are composed of cocoa, cinnamon, sugar cane, lily, rose and jasmine. Base notes have vanilla, musk, patchouli, amber, tonka and benzoin. The fragrance opens […] Read more…