Cable crossover in cable machine is an exercise in bodybuilding for an isolation work of the pectoral muscles.

Unlike other exercises for pectoral muscles with free weight, this exercise provides a continuous load on the muscles of the chest along the entire trajectory of movement. Exercise is indispensable when working on muscle definition and preparing for competitions. Thanks to him, a separation of the upper and lower pectoral muscles appears, the so-called striation is drawn. Beginners should not abuse large weights in this exercise, as this is unlikely to allow it to be technically correct. We recommend that you perform it last on the day of your chest workout.

Cable Crossovers Execution Variations

Standing cable fly correct technique

Take the handles of the upper block and keep them at chest level. For greater stability, place one foot in front. As you exhale, tensing your pectoral muscles, bring your hands together in front of you at the level of the lower abdomen. On inspiration, return to the starting position.

During the exercise, the arms should move in the same plane and at an angle to the body. The elbows are slightly bent throughout the exercise. the movement should be at the expense of the muscles of the chest. The body is motionless. The back is bent.

Cable chest fly on a bench proper form and technique

Set the bench in between two cable pulleys. Grab the handles of low cable pulleys and lie flat on your back on a flat incline bench. Place your feet firmly on the floor on either side of the bench. Spread your arms slightly bent at the elbows to the sides, parallel to the floor. As you exhale, tensing your pectoral muscles, bring your hands together in front of you. Slowly return to starting position.

If you do everything right, then almost all the load falls on the pectoral muscles. A little static is present in the biceps, triceps and front deltas, but it should not stop you from concentrating on the work of the chest.

Also, you can perform this exercise on a bench with different angles. Use your imagination and make your training more diverse with